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UNIVERSITIES may copyright any work that is subject to copyright and was developed, or for which ownership was purchased. The Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation, and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) reserve a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the work for federal or state purposes and to authorize others to do so unless waived in writing by ODOT and the Federal Highway Administration. The State and the Federal government have the right to the following:
(1) Obtain, reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the data as first produced.
(2) Authorize others to receive, reproduce, publish, or otherwise use such data for state or federal purposes.

The University may patent any invention or discovery which is patentable or otherwise protectable under Title 35 of the United States Code which may be conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the performance of work under this agreement. The federal government and the Department shall have a nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, paid up licence to practice or have practiced for or on behalf of the United States and/or the State of Oklahoma the subject invention throughout the world. Said patent rights shall be as more "specifically provided in Appendix A, hereto which is incorporated with and made a part of this agreement.

Publications prior to FFY 2008 may not be completely accessible according to the ADA standards. Efforts have been made to make them as accessible as possible. Hard copies or a text version can be made available by e-mailing Engineering Services.

Number Title Report
SPR Item 2220
Development of ODOT Guidelines for the Use of Geogrids in Aggregate Bases13.3 MB
SPR Item 2217
Development of Best Practices Program for a Collaboration of Minority Truckers2.7 MB
SPR Item 2232
Next Generation Smart Barrel System for Workzone Safety Enhancement2.4 MB
SPR Item 2223
Test Methods for Use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixes4.4 MB
SPR Item 2188
Vegetative Rehabilitation of Highway Cut Slopes in Eastern Oklahoma0.8 MB
SPR Item 2211
Modeling of 85th Percentile Speed for Rural Highways for Enhanced Traffic Safety1.8 MB
SPR Item 2209
Development of a Flexible Pavement Database for Local Calibration of the MEPDG
SPR Item 2215
Tube Suction Test for Evaluating Durability of Cementitiously Stabilized Soils9.6 MB
SPR Item 2214
Use of MSE Technology to Stabilize Highway Embankments and Slopes in Oklahoma1.4 MB
SPR Item 2210
Calcium-Based Stabilizer Induced Heave in Oklahoma Sulfate-Bearing Soils2.4 MB
SPR Item 2207
Validation and Refinement of Chemical Stabilization Procedures for Pavement Subgrade Soils in Oklahoma
SPR Item 2224
Energy Harvesting on Highway Bridges1.2 MB
SPR Item 2213
Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Pavement Retexturing as a Pavement Preservation Tool4.3 MB
(FFY 2011)
Annual Reports
(by SPR Item)
Stainless Steel Reinforcement as a Replacement for Epoxy Coated Steel in Bridge Decks2231
Effect of Y-cracking on CRCP Performance2230
Expected Life of Silane Water Repellant Treatments on Bridge Decks2229
Overturning Forces at Bridge Abutments and the Interaction of Horizontal Forces from Adjacent Roadways2228
Applied Approach Slab Settlement Research, Design/Construction2227
Evaluation of Hamburg Rut Tester for Field Control of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)2226
QC/QA Testing Differences Between Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)2218
Development and Implementation of a Mechanistic and Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) for Rigid Pavements2208
Field Performance Monitoring and Modeling of Instrumented Pavement on I-35 in McClain County2200
SPR Item 2222
Performance of Ultra-Thin Whitetopping (UTW) in Oklahoma1.8 MB
SPR Item 2225
Correlation of Fully-Softened Shear Strength of Clay Soil with Index Properties, Phase I3.7 MB
SPR Item 2221
Analysis of Aggregates and Binders Used for the ODOT Chip Seal Program3.5 MB
IBR 105N(107)IB
Use of High Performance Concrete in Oklahoma Bridge Decks0.5 MB
SPR Item 2160
Mechanically Activated Fly Ash For Blended Cement1.6 MB
SPR Item 2203
Investigation of Cost Effective Truck Weight Enforcement12.4 MB
(FFY 2010)
Annual Reports
(by SPR Item)
QC/QA Testing Differences Between Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)2218
Development and Implementation of a Mechanistic and Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) for Rigid Pavements2208
Field Performance Monitoring and Modeling of Instrumented Pavement on I-35 in McClain County2200
SPR Item 2216
Collision Avoidance System at Intersections2.0 MB
SPR Item 2196
Stability and Permeability of Proposed Aggregate Bases in Oklahoma8.9 MB
SPR Item 2200
I-35 Pavement Instrumentation Phase II
Final Report
0.5 MB
SPR Item 2212
Roadway Weather Information System and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Coordination1.0 MB
SPR Item 2194
Degradation in Rush, Wildhorse, and Salt Creeks of Washita River in Oklahoma for Transportation Planning6.0 MB
(FFY 2009)
Annual Reports
(by SPR Item)
Development and Implementation of a Mechanistic and Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) for Rigid Pavements2208
Field Performance Monitoring and Modeling of Instrumented Pavement on I-35 in McClain County2200
SPR Item 2120
Development of Liquidated Damages For The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (Article)0.5 MB
SPR Item 2199
Optimizing Concrete Mix Designs to Produce Cost Effective Paving Mixes1.3 MB
SPR Item 2185
Engineering Properties of Stabilized Subgrade Soils for Implementation of the AASHTO 2002 Pavement Design Guide (Article)3.0 MB
SPR Item 2184
Creation Of An ODOT Specification For Patching Or Overlay Of Bridge Decks
SPR Item 2186
Rating Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridges for Shear9.4 MB
SPR Item 2197
Longitudinal Joint Density and Permeability in Asphalt Concrete (Article)1.0 MB
SPR Item 2102
Langston University Addressing The Need For Technical Support Services In Housing The Oklahoma Department Of Transportation Research Library1.0 MB
SPR Item 2190
Real-time Scour Risk Identification and Information Management Evaluation (Article)31.7 MB
SPR Item 2204
Advanced Voice and Multimedia Communications System for the ODOT ITS Network (Article)1.2 MB
SPR Item 2182
Measuring Air Void Characteristics of Oklahoma Air-Entrained Concrete using the Air Void Analyzer (AVA) / Analyzing AVA Sources of Error1.1 MB
SPR Item 2206
Development of an Improved System for Contract Time Determination Phase I & II3.7 MB
SPR Item 2195
Evaluation and Field Verification of Strength and Structural Improvement of Chemically Stabilized Subgrade Soil (Article)1.0 MB
(FFY 2008)
Annual Report
SPR Item 2200
Field Performance Monitoring and Modeling of Instrumented Pavement on I-35 in McClain County2200
SPR Item 2193
Review of Laboratory Experiments and Computer Models for Broken-box Culverts0.6 MB
SPR Item 2184
Prestress Losses and the Estimation of Long-Term Deflections and Camber for Prestressed Concrete Bridges (Overview)1.8 MB
SPR Item 2202
GIS Modeling for Transportation Planning in Oklahoma3.5 MB
SPR Item 2191
Channel-Bed Degradation in Major Oklahoma Streams
SPR Item 2177
Determination of Dynamic Modulus Master Curves for Oklahoma HMA Mixtures2.3 MB
SPR Item 2178
Evaluation of Cold In-Place Recycling for Rehabilitation of Transverse Cracking on US 41217.8 MB
SPR Item 2182
Risk Analysis of ODOT's HMA Percent Within Limits (PWL) Specification1.0 MB
SPR Item 2130
Trinity Cable Safety System
Note: Scanned Document
1.2 MB
(FFY 2007)
SPR Item 1306
Advanced Weigh-In-Motion (Abstract)49.3 MB
SPR Item 2172
Evaluating Percent Within Limits (PWL) Specifications
SPR Item 2120
Novachip Ultrathin Bonded Wearing Course - Construction Report1.8 MB
SPR Item 2120
Flexural Strength Quality for Concrete Pavements10.0 MB
(FFY 2006)
SPR Item 2187
Automating Turning Movement Studies Utilizing New Segmented Sensor Technology (Abstract)0.8 MB
(FFY 2006)
SPR Item 2167
Effect of Soil Suction and Moisture on Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils in Oklahoma (Abstract)0.3 MB
SPR Item N/AStress Monitoring of the I-40 and Lake Eufaula Bridge3.3 MB
SPR Item 2169
Evaluation of Test methods for Determination of Aggregate Specific Gravity1.5 MB
SPR Item 2120
Evaluation of a Fixed Anti-icing Tracking System for Snow Removal and Ice Control1.0 MB
(FFY 2003)
EC #725
Evaluation of Percent Within Limits Specifications59.5 MB
(FFY 2003...)
SPR Items
2156 and 2157
Item 2156: Roadside Vegetation Management
Item 2157: Herbicide Research Program
SPR Item 2149
GIS for Evaluating Socioeconomic Data of Small Communities in Oklahoma0.6 MB
(FFY 2001)
SPR Item 2153
Evaluation of Rutting Potential of Hot Mix Asphalt Using the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer3.8 MB
SPR Item 2132
Evaluation of Silica Fume High Density Thin Bonded Overlays1.8 MB
(FFY 2000)
SPR Item 2150
Methodology for Determining the Impact of Highway Bypasses in Oklahoma1.6 MB


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