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2. Research Section

a. The performance of research projects for ODOT by universities, other public agencies, or private consultants is considered when the Department does not have the necessary personnel, expertise or equipment to conduct the research. Performance of the work will be in accordance with a proposal which is submitted to the Engineering Services Branch of the Planning & Research Division by the Principal investigator through the Contract Office of the respective organization. Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is ensured in the following ways:

(1) The Request for Proposals (RFP) should be issued to all qualified contractors and research organization, and universities. Efforts are made to solicit proposals from qualified research organizations, including those with minority and female ownership or research personnel.

(2) Among the standard items that the RFP should ask for are: a description of the proposed research problem, the proposed goals, the proposed evaluation methods, proposed time frame, estimate costs, resume of persons involved, and a roster of persons who will be actively engaged in the project including description o or role, race, ethnicity, gender, and estimate of percent of total project responsibility.

(3) The agreement or contract with each research entity incorporates the requirement that the contractor comply with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Right Act of 1964. (See Attached Exhibit N: Nondiscrimination by Contractors with Regard to Employees.)

(4) As a means of monitoring and reviewing Civil Rights compliance, an annual report is provided to the Planning & Research Division Director itemizing information on contract topic, research group, amount of contract, involvement of minority personnel and other pertinent information.

3. General Procedures Assuring Compliance with
Title VI Requirements in the Planning & Research Division

a. To assure that the transportation planning and research processes adequately consider Title VI requirements, the division manager directs the implementation of the following actions:

(1) The Title VI requirements are incorporated in all agreements associated with transportation planning activities and studies.

(2) The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Coordinator, a member of the Regulatory Services Division, keeps a current directory of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The DBE Program also maintains a list of certified DBEs and information on the locations and organizations of active minority groups and recognized leaders throughout the state. Information from the list is used to assist in establishing dialogue useful to the transportation planning process in given geographical locations and technical expertise areas.

(3) In summary, the Planning and Research Division’s work efforts are prepared for all persons, regardless of race, color religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap. Research efforts are conducted to identify minority and traditionally underserved populations, and diSP&Roportionately negative impacts on minority and low income populations are mitigated or avoided as appropriate. Division activities are open to the public and comments that are received are considered.

HOMETransportation ProgramsSP&RTitle VI