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Roadway Design employees design highways in urban and rural areas.
No matter where you are going, whether it is to visit family in another town or heading to your favorite vacation spot, transportation affects your life. Whether you are driving on a rural highway or speeding down an interstate, you are benefitting from a well designed highway system.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is involved in building and maintaining highways throughout Oklahoma. But before these highways are built, many hours are spent designing and drafting the construction plans.

The employees of Roadway Design Division design approximately 70 highway projects each year.

This brochure describes the opportunities for employment in the Roadway Design Division. Hopefully we can answer your questions and introduce you to some of Roadway Design's current employees. Many of our employees come from colleges, Technology Centers, and other industries.

Roadway Design employees visit a job site to view construction of a drainage structure designed by their team.
Roadway Design CADD technicians design and draft roadway projects. The CADD Technicians prepare detailed plans which define the width of the road, curves, number of lanes, drainage structures, and other geometry of the planned highway. These plans also define the types of materials (asphalt, concrete, steel) to use in the construction and the amounts of each item.

CADD Technicians model the existing ground and generate the new highway design to determine earthwork volumes. Modeling the new design gives everyone a better feel for the finished product.

During the design phase, Roadway employees also visit the project site and receive input from other people regarding the design.

Render Image of Existing Ground
Model of existing ground.
Render Image of Proposed Design
Model of new highway design.
Render Image of Two Lane Curb and Gutter Highway

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