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ODOT provides full time employees the following paid benefits:

Employee health, dental, life and disability insurance.

Dependent Health Insurance
(ODOT pays approximately one-half cost)

Reimbursement Accounts
(Use pre tax dollars out of your pay check to pay for health care and child care expenses.)

Premium Conversion
(Use pre tax dollars out of your pay check to pay any insurance cost.)

3 Weeks Vacation
(Increases to five weeks)

3 Weeks Sick Leave

11 Paid Holidays

--Pathfinder Oklahoma--
Oklahoma Pathfinder Benefits

Longevity Pay After 2 Years Employment
($250 first year, increases every two yrs.)

Deferred Compensation Plan
(First $25 matched)

Education Assistance for Job Related Classes

Employee Assistance Program

"For Additional information about benefits click here"
OPM's Benefits Summary

The State of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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