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What software does ODOT use?
ODOT uses Microstation software. Microstation is easy to operate and employees quickly adapt to this software.

I only have experience using one type of CADD software.
Is there any CADD training provided?

Yes, ODOT (Roadway Design) provides an in-depth approximately 4 months training program for new employees. A full time CADD Support Unit provides ongoing training and technical assistance.

I do not have any experience with civil drafting or highway design.
Will this hurt my chances of employment?

No, most new employees do not have any civil or highway experience. Highway Design is a specialized field and Roadway Design provides extensive on-the-job and classroom training.

How do I find out more information about the type of work at ODOT?
Contact Lance Grant at (405) 522-3494 for more information. He will answer any questions about the type of work or employment. Also, a personal tour of the department can be arranged upon request.

Would I work by myself or in a group?
Employees work in teams of ten to twelve people. Team work is the key ingredient in the development of plans.

What are the career opportunities at ODOT?
Entry level employees have the opportunity to advance as their skills improve. ODOT promotes within and employees can advance into supervisory positions.

How large is ODOT and Roadway Design?
ODOT currently has 2,290 employees throughout Oklahoma. Roadway Design has approximately 80 employees.

What is the work environment like?
The people are very friendly and professional. The dress is casual. Roadway Design has modular office furniture and the office areas are carpeted. Each employee has their own work area and computer.

I want to continue my education, will ODOT provide assistance?
ODOT provides education assistance to employees for work related courses.

How does ODOT's benefits compare with private industry?
ODOT's benefit package is very competitive and in most cases exceeds the benefits offered by other employer's. The following pages list the benefits offered by ODOT.

Where is the office located?
ODOT's offices are located in the Capitol Complex just to the southwest of the State Capitol building in Oklahoma City. With the offices centrally located, employees can live anywhere in the Metro area and get to and from work quickly.

The State of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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