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I enjoy working with the team at ODOT. The culture, benefits, and work-life balance in the Roadway Division is beyond belief. With the stability and security of the job, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction everyday knowing that I can move up in my career.

Employee Johnny
Employee Danna

Working for ODOT Roadway Design has been an amazing experience! I love the effort they put into training us employees. They care about our success and growth as designers. I love that every day I learn something new and I can see progress in my designs and skill level. The benefits package, paid holidays, work schedules, and vacation time are above anything I have had working in the private market.


There are numerous reasons why I love my job so here are a few. I love the benefits that come with the job, we get 11 paid holidays a year, my work is never redundant, I work with some amazing people who are always willing to help out, and I love knowing that I have room to move up in my career. 

Employee Ryan

I have been wanting to working in drafting since I was little. With ODOT I am able to do what I love and work with outstanding people every day. ODOT is anything but typical and every job is different because of the nature of the area. I also get to use top of the line hardware and I got to learn new software.


I like the great group of people that I work with. The design squad’s teamwork is amazing. I love working with the state of the art computers and software.


I like working with all the different kinds of people and personalities in Roadway Design. I also love designing roads that one day I can drive down and realize that I helped create this.


I like working with Inroads and solving complicated problems.

Employee Dominic
Employee Terrie

I like ODOT, Roadway Design, because I believe designing roadways are like puzzles; they take deep thought, patience, and a little imagination. But, when they're finished you have a great sense of accomplishment.

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