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Roadway Design Division

Mission Statement

The Roadway Design Division is responsible for project design and plan development. The following summarizes the major duties of the teams within the Design Division:

The design teams operate as the focal point for the development of roadway projects administered by ODOT, including the preparation of plans, the preparation of special provisions, the project schedule and coordination with other ODOT units and outside agencies.

The design teams perform most of the analyses for road design, prepare reports and gain input from other Divisions.

The design teams perform the necessary drafting work for the preparation of in-house project plans.

The design teams develop, in cooperation with Survey Division, the project survey line and limits.

The design teams are responsible for the design of all roadway drainage design, including cross drainage structures which are not classified as bridges.

The design teams work with the Traffic Engineering Division to determine the appropriate traffic control devices, pavement marking, lighting and / or traffic signals

The design teams coordinate with utility and railroad companies through the appropriate ODOT Divisions for proper integration into road design plans.

In addition to the design teams, the following support units are also within Roadway Design Division - Automation and Graphics, Engineering Development, Pavement Design, Performance and Development, Quality Assurance and Recruitment, and Roadway Hydraulics and Standard Drawings.

HOMEDivisionsRoadway Design