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Consultant Access

How do I contact the PW Admins?2022-06-20T10:31:33-05:00

First, please search the Knowledge Base for a possible answer to your question.  If you still cannot locate an answer, do one of the following:

ODOT Employees

Contact the help desk at 405-521-2444, or use the internal ProjectWise portal at


Contact the PW Admins by using the external ProjectWise portal at

Do you have a ProjectWise Manual?2017-06-23T08:25:41-05:00

Yes, we have an online version that is updated as information changes.  Click the below link.

Online ProjectWise Manual

Can I login to Projectwise over the web?2021-01-02T12:23:07-06:00

Logging into ProjectWise over the web is perfect for mobility and staying connected.  Please visit ProjectWise Webview for more information!

How do I get access to ProjectWise?2022-06-20T10:32:27-05:00

ODOT Employees

Contact the Help Desk at 405-521-2444 or fill out a form, requesting access, on the ProjectWise portal at


For Consultant groups that have previously established access to ODOT’s datasource, navigate to the external ProjectWise portal (listed below) and fill out the Consultant Account Request form.

For Consultant groups that have not yet established access to ODOT’s datasource, first navigate to the Consultant T.A.C. Agreement and then the Consultant Account Request form located on the external ProjectWise portal (listed below).