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Help Color Oklahoma with Wildflowers
Buy a special vehicle license plate

Join in support for Oklahoma wildflowers by buying a special license plate. It's a perfect gift for friends and family.

The state Legislature and Gov. Brad Henry this year authorized a new tag at the request of Color Oklahoma - Sow Some Wild Seeds, a project of the Oklahoma Native Plant Society.

Each tag costs just $35, with $20 earmarked for Color Oklahoma's program of adding wildflowers to highway right-of-way, parks and other highly visible public places.

Your payment will be to the state Tax Commission. The Color Oklahoma tag can be renewed every year, the same as your regular car tag. And it makes no difference when your regular car tag comes due, since these are seperate tags and programs.

This is a unique opportunity to have a permanent funding source so that Oklahomans and visitors can enjoy wildflowers beauty for years to come. Please don’t delay. Order yours today.

Forms are available at www.coloroklahoma.org, or at any state tag agency or email a request to wildflowers@coloroklahoma.org and a form will be sent by mail.

Wildflower license plate

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