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1-888-5-LITTER (or 1-888-554-8837)

Statewide Toll-Free Number

In July 1997, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Beautification Office began the Litter Hotline program. They established a toll-free number for Oklahomans to call and report highway littering incidents. Based on the information given by the callers, the owner of the car is sent a notice explaining that someone was seen littering from their car and asking them to join our effort to keep our state roadsides attractive. The notice is NOT a citation or a ticket, but simply a reminder that highway littering is illegal and costs our state over $4 million each year. ODOT does not keep a record of notices sent and the information submitted by hotline callers is not released to individuals, organizations or agencies. The notice is the only result of a litter hotline call.

The hotline has become very popular statewide, with the number of calls increasing during the spring and summer months. Callers must be able to provide:

Without these pieces of information ODOT cannot send proper notice to the litterer.

Free Litter Bags:

Free dashboard litter bags and bumper stickers with the Oklahoma, Keep Our Land Grand logo are available for use in cars or trucks. Business card size stickers with the toll free Litter Hotline phone number also are available to help you report litterers.

Due to limited quantities and budget, we must restrict requests for large quantities to Oklahoma residents and organizations only. However, we will be happy to send samples out of state for those who would like to create similar programs in their area.

Contact the Beautification Office at (405) 521-4037, or email requests to:

Littering is against the law and litterers can be fined from $200 to $2,000. Highway litter makes our roadsides unattractive and costs Oklahoma taxpayers millions each year to clean it up. Join the many Oklahomans working hard to keep our land grand!