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Stormwater and Erosion Control Specialists:
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    Primary Responsibility:

  • Erosion Control / Sediment Control issues. The attainment of timely and effective erosion and sediment control on all aspects of transportation activities. Assists in the guidance of design personnel in regard to erosion / sediment control as it relates to plan production and compliance with state and federal regulations. Review and incorporate updates for the ODOT Storm Water Management Guidelines for Design and Construction Activities manual. Assist construction personnel with installation practices and on-site problems and solutions. Serve as a facilitator between environmental regulatory agencies and ODOT.

  • Erosion Control Detail Sheets:
    Stormwater Management Plan (DGN) & Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)

    Oklahoma DEQ Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Entities
    MS4 List (PDF)

    Oklahoma DEQ Notice of Intent form (editable)
    2022 NOI Guideline for ODOT Projects

    Updates and information:

  • What's new with EPA/ Department of Environmental Quality regulations and how it effects the operations of ODOT. Updates for ODOT's Storm Water Management Guidelines for Construction Activities. New techniques and pay items being recommended within the industry.

  • Important Links:

    Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
    US Dept. of Agriculture/ Natural Resource Conservation Service for local issues / recommendations and watershed information.
    National Soil Survey Handbook
    International Erosion Control Association for training, certification and networking in the erosion and sediment control field.
    US Geological Survey for all types of scientific, biological information and extensive maps.
    Oklahoma Climatological Survey


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