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Transportation Manager ~ Kandice Doan
(405) 522-3122
PandD Sign

Clint Reininger ~ (405) 595-0965 VP

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Develop and maintain transportation related technical training courses.
    • Provide comprehensive initial and supplemental training for new and current Roadway Design personnel.
    • Provide transportation related training for other ODOT central office and field divisions
    • Review data from the Roadway Design manual, Technical manual, standards, Policies, construction change orders and several other sources to assist in the development of technical training material for ODOT personnel.
    • Develop and maintain Roadway Design's software resource files and procedures.

    Including but not limited to the following:
    MicroStation- Seed files, cell Libraries, RSC files, DGNLIB files, workspaces, user configurations, Dimension styles, text styles, level libraries, and level filters
    InRoads/OpenRoads- Preference files, Template Libraries, Drafting Note files, Superelevation Tables, and Data files.

    • Assist other ODOT personnel in troubleshooting  design software processes, and errors.
    • Develop and maintain Roadway Design's CADD Standard Standards Manual.
    • Assist in identifying and creating new construction plan standards, policies and procedures.
    • Maintain training records of all Roadway Design personnel.
    • Conduct normal design squad duties for any overflow projects as required by the Division Engineer.

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