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Application ProcessApplication Requirements

Application Process

The Public Application Cycle for project proposals to be funded under the Transportation Enhancement Program will consist of two phases.

Phase I, termed the Pre-Application Submission, or PAS

Phase I consists of a preliminary review of all proposals to provide applicants with a technical and eligibility review of the proposed projects. The Special Projects Branch will accept applications for the PAS review beginning June 14, 2010, and continuing through October 1, 2010. October 1, 2010, is the deadline for all Pre-Application Submissions. No applications will be accepted after this date.

The PAS review is mandatory. The Applicant will submit one copy of the application for technical review that will consist of;

  1. Preliminary project eligibility determination
  2. Sponsor eligibility determination
  3. Organization, clarity, and accuracy of submitted materials.
  4. Accuracy and validity of project budget relative to project scope.
  5. Review of all necessary supporting documentation (resolutions, production schedules, MPO concurrence letter, etc.)
  6. Identify any potential NEPA concerns
  7. Identify any potential right-of-way or ownership issues.

The PAS review may reveal issues that require further documentation or clarification by the Project Sponsor. The Special Projects Staff may contact the applicant for additional information or clarification on outstanding issues. Acceptance of applications through the PAS review is NOT a guarantee of Federal funding.

Phase II is the Final Application Submission (FAS)

Applications that receive a PAS approval must be submitted no later than January 3, 2011. Applications that have not been submitted for a PAS review, or that are submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

All FAS approved proposals will be forwarded to the Transportation Enhancement Advisory Committee (TEAC) for evaluation. After review by the TEAC, a programming request will be forwarded to the Oklahoma Transportation Commission for review and approval. Notice of all Commission approved projects will be posted on the Department website and will occur by June, 2011. The Department will contact all applicants, and successful projects will be available for funding within two months of Commission approval and scheduling review by the Special Projects Branch. Enhancement Program funding is contingent upon Federal Authorization.

Candidate projects can be submitted by Federal and State agencies, along with Tribal, County, and local governments with a proposal that fits one or more of the eligible Enhancement categories. Projects which are located within urbanized areas with populations of greater than 50,000 must be submitted in cooperation with the appropriate Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO).

Proposals originating from within an MPO area must include a resolution from the MPO stating the willingness to add the project to their current Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Contact the associated MPO office for information on specific Enhancement Proposal submission procedure for the area. The current Oklahoma MPOs are as follows:

Oklahoma City Area
Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)
6600 N. Harvey Place, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Tulsa Area
Indian Nations Council of Oklahoma Governments (INCOG)
2 West 2nd Street, Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918) 584-7526

Lawton Area
Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO)
City Hall, 4th & A Avenue
Lawton, OK 73501-4078

If you have any questions in regard to your proposed project boundaries, contact your City office, the MPO office or ODOT’s Special Projects Branch.

Transportation Enhancement Advisory Committee (TEAC)

Applications will be evaluated by a committee consisting of State Agencies and organizations with a broad-based interest and expertise in areas encompassed by the enhancement program. The committee alone will evaluate and recommend projects to the Oklahoma Transportation Commission for funding.

The Transportation Commission shall have final approval for projects administered through the Transportation Enhancement program. Projects which cannot be funded during the current application cycle may be resubmitted for consideration during future officially announced application cycles.

Application Requirements

It is extremely important that project sponsors read and understand all the information included in the application packet before completing a Transportation Enhancement Candidate Proposal. The proposal format must be closely followed and all required information must be provided to receive consideration for this program.

  • Applications will be accepted beginning June 14, 2010. Pre-Application Submission deadline is October 1, 2010. Final Application Submission deadline is January 3, 2011. No applications will be accepted after this date.
  • Ensure your project proposal meets the minimum requirements (see checklist, part II).
  • Additional sheets should be attached to the back of the application and will be limited to:
    • one additional 8.5"x11" sheet for a project location map
    • one additional 8.5"x11" sheet for a detailed cost estimate
    • two additional 8.5"x11" sheets for photographs or renderings
    • resolution from governing board or council
    • three letters of support from state or local officials or groups.
    • As noted previously, project schedules and cost estimates should be as complete and accurate as possible. Should the project be approved, the amount requested is the total amount of federal funds available for the project.
  • The TEAC will review between 150 and 200 project proposals before forwarding a recommendation to the Transportation Commission. This is a time consuming and labor intensive process. Applications which contain an inordinate amount of information will not necessarily promote your proposal. Brevity is the key to success.

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