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11th Biennial Public Application Cycle Now Open

Primary Responsibility:

Transportation Enhancements (TE) activities offer communities funding opportunities to help expand transportation choices such as; safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities, scenic routes, beautification, and other investments that increase recreation opportunity and access. Communities may also use TE funds to contribute toward the revitalization of local and regional economies by restoring historic buildings, renovating streetscapes, or providing transportation museums and visitors centers.

Transportation Enhancements (TE) are 12 different community focused activities defined in SAFETEA-LU. The 12 activities are:

  1. Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  2. Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Education Activities
  3. Acquisition of Scenic or Historic Easements and Sites
  4. Scenic or Historic Highway Programs, Including Tourist and Welcome Centers
  5. Landscaping and Scenic Beautification
  6. Historic Preservation
  7. Rehabilitation and Operation of Historic Transportation Buildings, Structures, or Facilities
  8. Preservation of Abandoned Railway Corridors
  9. Control and Removal of Outdoor Advertising
  10. Archaeological Planning and Research
  11. Mitigation of Highway Runoff and Provision of Wildlife Connectivity
  12. Establishment of Transportation Museums

The basic Federal eligibility requirements for TE projects are that they be one of the 12 defined activities, and be related to surface transportation.

Federal funds available under the Enhancement Program may be used for a maximum of eighty percent (80%) of the eligible project costs. Successful applicants must agree to provide a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the total project costs. Project proposals will be accepted from Federal and State Agencies, along with Tribal, County, and Local Governments

HOMESpecial ProgramsEnhancement Program