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The scope of this Corridor Study is to evaluate US 81 for improvement to four lanes along an approximate 30-mile segment from the existing reconstruction of US 81 just north of Union City to south of SH 19 in Chickasha. The Corridor Study also evaluates the need for bypasses in the communities of Union City, Minco, Pocasset, and Chickasha.

This Corridor Study report contains the following information:

  1. Description of the Study Corridor and a summary of previous studies (Chapter One)
  2. Existing roadway and traffic characteristics, a comparison to current federal safety standards, sufficiency ratings, and environmental conditions along the corridor (Chapter Two)
  3. Evaluation of baseline traffic, roadway capacity, and intersection capacity, as well as a discussion of the origin-destination (O-D) study performed for the Chickasha Section (Chapter Three)
  4. A review of projected future traffic under the No-Build Alternative, identification of proposed Build Alternatives and analysis of future traffic under those alternatives, selection of recommended improvements, and a discussion of project segment identification and prioritization (Chapter Four)
  5. Public involvement with stakeholders, other agencies, organizations, and the public (Chapter Five)
  6. Summary of recommendations (Chapter Six)

US 81 Corridor Study

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HOMECentral OfficePlanning & ResearchPrograms, ReportsUS 81 Corridor Study