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Year Front Back Theme, Commemoration and/or Comments
2015-2016 Festivals & Events
2013-2014 Treasures On The Road Less Traveled
2011-2012 ODOT 100 Years - Moving Oklahoma Forward
2009-2010 Your Turn To Venture
2008 2008 Rising to the next century
2007 Yes Yes 2007 Centennial
2005-2006 Yes Yes Okla Grand
2003-2004 Yes Yes The All-Terrain Vacation
2001-2002 Yes Yes New Treasures. New Adventures.
1999-2000 Yes Yes Oklahoma...Imagine.
1997-1998 Yes Yes Breathe, Climb, Dive, Ride and Gaze Deep
1996 Yes Yes Road Trips
1995 Yes Yes Get Your Kicks, Route 66
1994 Yes Yes Native America - America in Its Native State
1993 Yes Yes Cherokee Strip - The Greatest Land Rush
1992 Yes Yes A Brief Military History of Oklahoma
1991 Yes Yes Gilcrease Museum
1990 Yes Yes Oklahoma Homecoming ’90
1989 Yes N/A State of Excellence, Don’t Lay That Trash on Oklahoma
1988 Yes Yes Eighty Niners
1987 Yes Yes Oklahoma, State of Many Countries
1986 Yes Yes America’s Frontier Lake State
1985 Yes Yes Oklahoma Wildlife
1984 Yes Yes Oklahoma Wildlife
1983 Yes Yes Oklahoma’s Seven State Resorts
1982 Yes Yes Oklahoma 1907 - Ya oughta see us now (Front is Black and White)
1981 Yes N/A 55 Saves - Lives - Fuel - Money (Black and White)
1980 Yes Yes Oklahoma’s Major Highway System
1979 Yes Yes Will Rogers Centennial
1978 Yes Yes Oklahoma: A Varied Land
1977 Yes Yes Oklahoma’s Wildlife
1976 Yes Yes This Land Is Our Land: Oklahoma
1975 Yes Yes Roadside Wildflowers
1974 Yes Yes Highways to History
1973 Yes Yes Highways to Happenings
1972 Yes Yes Mobility - key to Recreation
1971 Yes Yes Highways Go Everywhere
1970 Yes Yes Look What’s Happened in 45 Years
1969 Yes Yes You’ll Find It in Oklahoma
1968 Yes Yes Look What’s Happening in Oklahoma
1967 Yes Yes Insets and Pictures
1966 Yes Yes Oklahoma Welcomes You
1965 Yes Yes Oklahoma’s Vacation Adventureland
1964 Yes Yes World’s Fair
1963 Yes Yes Oklahoma Civil War Centennial Commission
1962 Yes Yes Oklahoma ...Where the Future is Just Beginning
1961 Yes Yes Enjoy Oklahoma
1960 Yes Yes Fun Trails Through America’s Newest Vacationland
1960 Yes Yes Lots To Do In Oklahoma
1959 Yes Yes Lots To Do In Oklahoma
1958 Yes Yes Oklahoma: The Newest Vacation Land in America
1957 Yes Yes Golden Anniversary Map
1956 Yes Yes Visit Oklahoma 50th Anniversary in 1957
1955 Yes Yes Welcome to Oklahoma
1954 Yes Yes Welcome to Oklahoma
1953 Yes Yes Oklahoma Historical Facts
1952 Yes Yes Illustrated Map
1951 Yes Yes Facts About Oklahoma
1950 Yes Yes Illustrated Map
1948 Yes Yes Illustrated Map
1947 Yes Yes Illustrated Map
1945 Yes Yes Bridges & Roads
1944 Yes N/A 1944 State Map
1943 Yes Yes Parks & Recreational Areas
1942 Yes Yes 1942 State Map (Back in Black and White)
1941 Yes Yes Parks & Recreational Areas
1940 Yes N/A 1940 State Map - Black and White
1939 Yes Yes Rules of the Road - Various Pictures (Back in Black and White)
1938 Yes Yes Cities and Towns in Oklahoma
1937 Yes Yes Description of the Airports of Oklahoma
1936 Yes Yes Description of the Airports of Oklahoma
1935 Yes Yes Description of the Airports of Oklahoma
1934 Yes Yes Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1933 Yes N/A August 1, 1933 New Highway Commission
1933 Yes Yes January 1, 1933 Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1932 Yes Yes Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1931 Yes N/A December 1, 1931 Added: Wm. H. Murray, Governor
1931 Yes Yes July 1, 1931 Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1930 Yes Yes Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1929 Yes Yes Scenes Along Oklahoma Highways
1928 Yes N/A 1928 Highway Map
1927 Yes N/A 1927 Highway Map
1926 Yes N/A 1926 Highway Map
1925 Yes N/A 1925 Highway Map
1925 Yes N/A 1925 Highway Map with article
1925 Yes N/A 1925 with State Route descriptions
1924 Yes N/A 1924 Highway Map
1924 Yes N/A 1924 Federal Aid Projects (FAP)
1924 Yes N/A 1924 Federal Aid System (FAS)
1924 Yes N/A 1924 State Aid Projects (SAP)
1921 Yes N/A 1921 Highway Map
1919 Yes N/A 1919 Highway Map - Black and White
1916 Yes N/A 1916 Highway Map
1907 Yes N/A 1907 Highway Map
1873 Yes N/A Indian Territory

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