Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 8C. Illumination

Section 8C.01 Illumination at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

Illumination may be installed at or adjacent to a highway-rail grade crossing.

If an engineering study is conducted and if the engineering study determines that better nighttime visibility of the train and the highway-rail grade crossing is needed (for example, where a substantial amount of railroad operation is conducted at night, where train speeds are low and highway-rail grade crossings are blocked for long periods, or crash history indicates that drivers experience difficulty in seeing trains or traffic control devices during hours of darkness), then illumination should be installed at and adjacent to the highway-rail grade crossing.

Types and location of luminaires for highway-rail grade crossing illumination are contained in the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) "Practice for Roadway Lighting RP-8" available from the Illuminating Engineering Society (see Section 1A.11).