Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Table 2C-1. Categories of Warning Signs
Category: Roadway Related
Group Section Signs MUTCD Codes
Changes in Horizontal Alignment 2C.06 Turn, Curve, Reverse Turn, Reverse Curve, Winding Road, Hairpin Curve, 270-Degree Curve W1-1 through W1-5, W1-11, W1-15
empty cell 2C.07 Combination Horizontal
Alignment/Advisory Speed
W1-1a, W1-2a
empty cell 2C.08 Combination Horizontal
empty cell 2C.09 Large Arrow (one direction) W1-6
empty cell 2C.10 Chevron Alignment W1-8
empty cell 2C.11 Truck Rollover W1-13, W1-14
Vertical Alignment 2C.12 Hill W7-1, W7-1a, W7-1b
empty cell 2C.13 Truck Escape Ramp W7-4, W7-4a
empty cell 2C.14 Hill Blocks View W7-6
Cross Section 2C.15 Road Narrows W5-1, W5-1a
empty cell 2C.16-17 Narrow Bridge, One Lane Bridge W5-2, W5-3
empty cell 2C.18-20 Divided Road, Divided Road Ends, Double Arrow W6-1, W6-2, W12-1
empty cell 2C.21 Dead End, No Outlet W14-1, W14-1a, W14-2, W14-2a
empty cell 2C.22 Low Clearance W12-2, W12-2P
Roadway Surface Condition 2C.23-24 Bump, Dip, Speed Hump W8-1, W8-2, W17-1
empty cell 2C.25 Pavement Ends W8-3
empty cell 2C.26 Shoulder W8-4, W8-9, W8-9a, W8-11
empty cell 2C.27 Slippery When Wet W8-5
empty cell 2C.28 Bridge Ices Before Road W8-13

Table 2C-1. Categories of Warning Signs
Category: Traffic Related
Group Section Signs MUTCD Codes
Advance Traffic Control 2C.29-30 Stop Ahead, Yield Ahead, Signal Ahead, Be Prepared To Stop, Speed Reduction W3-1, W3-2, W3-3, W3-4, W3-5, W3-5a
Traffic Flow 2C.31-35 Merge, Lane Ends, Added Lane, Two-Way Traffic, Right Lane Ends, Lane Ends Merge Left, No Passing Zone W4-1, W4-2, W4-3, W4-5, W4-6, W6-3, W9-1, W9-2, W14-3
Change in Speed 2C.36 Advisory Speed W13-2, W13-3, W13-5
Intersections 2C.37 Cross Road, Side Road, T, Y, and Circular Intersection W2-1 through W2-6
empty cell 2C.38 Large Arrow (two directions) W1-7
empty cell 2C.39 Oncoming Extended Green W25-1, W25-2
Vehicular Traffic 2C.40 Truck Crossing, Truck (symbol), Emergency Vehicle, Tractor, Bicycle, Golf Cart, Horse-Drawn Vehicle W8-6, W11-1, W11-5, W11-8, W11-10, W11-11, W11-12P, W11-14
Nonvehicular 2C.41-42 Pedestrian, Deer, Cattle, Snowmobile, Horse, Wheelchair, Playground W11-2, W11-3, W11-4, W11-6, W11-7, W11-9, W15-1

Group Section Signs MUTCD Codes
Table 2C-1. Categories of Warning Signs
Category: Supplemental Plaques
Distance 2C.45 XX Feet, XX Miles, Next XX Feet, Next XX MI W16-2, W16-3, W16-4, W7-3a
Speed 2C.46 Advisory Speed W13-1
Arrow 2C.47 Advance Arrow, Directional Arrow, Diagonal Arrow W16-5P, W16-6P, W16-7P
Hill-Related 2C.48 Trucks Use Low Gear, X% Grade W7-2, W7-3
Street Name Plaque 2C.49 Advance Street Name W16-8
Intersection 2C.50 Cross Traffic Does Not Stop W4-4p
Share The Road 2C.51 Share The Road W16-1
HOV 2C.52 High-Occupancy Vehicle W16-11
Photo Enforced 2C.53 Photo Enforced W16-10
Traffic Circle 2C.37 Traffic Circle W16-12p

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