Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Full-size image of Figure 6H-17

Figure 6H-17. Mobile Operations on Two-Lane Road (TA-17)

This figure illustrates mobile operations on a two-lane road. A legend under the figure states that this is Typical Application 17. A note states "Note: See Tables 6H-2 and 6H-3 for the meaning of the symbols and/or letter codes used in this figure."

This figure shows a vertical two-lane roadway with one lane of traffic in each direction. A downward-pointing black arrow in the left lane and an upward-pointing arrow in the right lane denote the direction of travel. The opposing lanes are shown separated by a broken yellow line. A shoulder is shown to the right of each travel lane. The shoulders are shown separated from the travel lanes by a solid white line.

One-third of the way from the bottom of the figure in the center of the northbound travel lane, a shadow vehicle is shown equipped with an arrow panel and a truck-mounted attenuator, both labeled optional. The arrow panel is shown with a yellow dot in each of the four corners on a black background. Also shown mounted on the back of the shadow vehicle is a blank diamond-shaped orange sign. On the right side of the sign, there is an arrow drawn from the blank sign to a note that reads "Use sign shape and legend appropriate to the type of work." Two-thirds of the way from the bottom on the figure, a work vehicle is shown in the center of the northbound lane equipped with a truck-mounted attenuator labeled optional.

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