Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Full-size image of Figure 2E-33

Figure 2E-33. Examples of Minor Interchange Guide Signs

This figure shows four minor interchange guide signs. A reference location sign is also shown.

The figure shows segments of two roadways, I-25 running vertically and an unnamed roadway running horizontally. The interchange between the two is shown as a diamond-shaped ramp configuration. At the top left of the figure, a black capital letter "N" is shown superimposed on an upward-pointing vertical black arrow, denoting the compass direction. At the bottom of the figure, a note states "See Figure 2E-35 for example of minor interchange crossroad signing."

A series of four signs and sign assemblies are shown for one direction of travel along northbound I-25 from the bottom to the top of the figure. Signs are shown to the right of the roadways, unless otherwise noted.

The first sign is shown near the bottom of the figure. It is shown as a horizontal rectangular green sign with a white border and lettering. The word "Wigman" is shown on the top line, and the words "1/2 MILE" are shown on the bottom line. A smaller horizontal rectangular green plaque is shown above the top right side of the sign and shows the words "EXIT 11." Beyond this sign, reference location sign 11 is shown in the median between the northbound and southbound lanes of I-25.

The second sign is shown farther north to the right of the widening of the northbound highway for a deceleration lane. It is shown as identical to the first sign except the words "1/2 MILE" on the bottom line are deleted and a diagonal white arrow pointing up and to the right is shown to the right of the word "Wigman" on the top line.

The third sign is shown in the gore between the highway and the right exit ramp to the unnamed roadway (which is the lower right branch of the diamond). It is shown as a horizontal rectangular green sign with the word "EXIT" in white on the top line and the numerals "11" in white on the second line to the left of a diagonal white arrow pointing up and to the right.

The fourth sign is shown beyond the diamond interchange. It is shown as a red and blue Interstate route shield for I-25. Above it, a plaque is shown with the word "NORTH" in white letters and a white border on a blue background.

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