Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Full-size image of Figure 2E-19

Figure 2E-19. Supplemental Guide Sign for a Park and Ride Facility (Route with Exit Numbering)

This figure shows a supplemental guide sign for a Park and Ride facility for a route with exit numbering.

The sign is shown as a square green sign with white borders and legends. It is shown with two vertically arrayed panels, each with its own border on three sides of each panel and with a shared border on the fourth side, where the two panels meet.

The top panel of the sign is shown with the words "EXIT 133" on one line. Underneath the common border, the bottom panel is shown with a white outline symbol of a vehicle carrying five persons in the top right corner of the panel. Under this outline symbol and centered within the panel width, the words "PARK &" are shown on the top line and the word "RIDE" is shown on the bottom line.

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