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Thank you for your interest in participating in the Oklahoma Unified Certification Program (OUCP) for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE). As mandated by the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) in the DBE Program, 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 26, all U.S. DOT recipients of federal financial assistance must participate in a statewide UCP. The UCP is a "One-Stop Shopping" certification procedure that will eliminate the need for DBE firms to obtain certifications from multiple agencies within the state who are U.S. DOT recipients or grantees.

The UCP of Oklahoma is charged with the responsibility of certifying firms and compiling and maintaining a database of certified DBEs for U.S. DOT recipients, pursuant to 49 CFR Part 26. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is the certifying agency for the OUCP and will process all applications and maintain the database of certified DBE firms for the state of Oklahoma.

To apply for certification, you must complete an Uniform Certification Application (UCA) and submit it along with required supporting documentation, to Regulatory Services. Once received and reviewed, a DBE Reviewer will schedule an on-site visit and interview you. Their report of findings will be forwarded to the DBE Certification Committee, which makes the certification decisions. You will then be notified in writing of their decision. If you are certified, your firm's name and the type of work you can perform will be placed in the DBE Directory of Certified Firms. This directory is available on our website or, if requested sent to the prequalified prime contractors each month along with the notice of letting. In meeting project DBE goals, prime contractors must use certified DBEs from this directory.

Please complete the Certification Process if you wish to be considered for DBE certification and your business meets the certification standards.

HOMEDBE InformationCertification