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High Speed Rail information

HSIPR Grant Applications are a continuation of the HSIPR Program launched last fall to kickstart a national highspeed rail program.

2010 State Rail Plan Grant Application

Planning Grant: Oklahoma State Rail Plan to be created in compliance with PRIIA 2008 and FRA-guidelines; the Oklahoma State Rail Plan is to address both freight and passenger rail infrastructure as well as public involvement for the entire State regarding our rail infrastructure.
PRICE:$512,000REQUESTED AID: $384,000ODOT portion: $128,000

State Rail Grant Application

Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008

2010 Multi-State Planning Application

Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Texas Department of Transportation co-application for Oklahoma City to South Texas Corridor Feasability Study, Service Development Plan, and Service NEPA

2010 Multi-State Planning Application (ODOT - TXDOT)

Tulsa - Oklahoma City HSIPR Corridor

Planning Grant: submitting an application for funding the Corridor Investment Program for the TULSA to OKC high speed rail corridor as part of the federally-designated South Central High Speed Rail Corridor; this will include preparing an Environmental Impact Statement and a Service Development Study.
PRICE:$2,989,400REQUESTED AID: $2,242,050ODOT portion: $747,350

Final HSIPR Grant Application

Environmental Impact Statement Scope of Services

Oklahoma City/Tulsa Section Location Map

Service Development Plan - Scope of Services

Oklahoma Corridor Map

HOMETrans. ProgramsARRAHigh Speed Rail2010 Planning Funds