The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is seeking Requests for Proposals for the sale of 97.5 miles of state-owned rail line between Oklahoma City and Sapulpa, known as the “Sooner Sub.” As part of this process, ODOT is following procedures set by state law regarding a fair and open RFP period and review by selected state officials to determine feasibility of a potential sale.

Description of Asset

The asset (Sooner Subdivision) is a 97.5 mile segment of railroad between Sapulpa, Oklahoma and Del City, Oklahoma. All track structures and necessary rights-of-way and all appurtenances thereof and including, but not necessarily limited to, rail and fastenings, switches and frogs, ties, ballasts, roadbed, and embankments along the 97.5 miles between Milepost 536.4 in Del City, OK and Milepost 438.9 in Sapulpa, OK are included.

Instructional Information

The Department of Transportation invites all interested parties to view the sample Request for Proposal of the Sooner Subdivision by clicking the icon provided below. Formal request from eligible Proposers for the official RFP can be made via the form that is contained in the “Application form” link below.

The Department will not consider any submissions for review after 3:00 p.m. on January 30, 2014.

If appropriate, the Department will publish addendums to the RFP. Any addendum will be posted on this website. All questions submitted by approved bidders will be anonymously published on this website. Department responses will be published as well. All other information to this process will be provided in the RFP document.

Those requesting the official RFP are required to have at least five years of experience operating a common carrier railroad authorized by, and subject to the jurisdiction of, the Surface Transportation Board or its predecessor the Interstate Commerce Commission. If a Proposer is being newly formed for the purpose of acquiring the line of railroad, then the Proposer must be a subsidiary of, or under common control with, a railroad that meets the qualifications set forth in the foregoing sentence.

Application & Sample RFP

Application form Sample RFP