>Specific Gravities of Bituminous Materials >Instructions for Spreadsheet Use

Important:   Always use the most current (daily-updated to the website) spreadsheet version for consideration
of the most complete and accurate data.

Saving a copy of the spreadsheet locally is not recommended.  Please read and follow the following instructions:


1.   Click on the spreadsheet file link then click “Open”.  NOTE:  Files are large and take time to open.


2.   If this Security Message appears, click the "Enable Content" button.


3.   Enter historically relevant dates (Beginning 1 year prior to the date of concern, Ending on the date of concern),
typically 1 year apart, then hit Enter or click outside the box.

NOTE:   If your Producer/Supplier does not appear in the list or if no test data appears, no test data may be available yet.
In either case, please:
1.  Verify you entered beginning and ending dates covering a 1 year span - correct them if you did not
2.  If what you are looking for still does not appear contact the Bituminous Liquid Lab

>Specific Gravities of Bituminous Materials >Instructions for Spreadsheet Use