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Structural Steel (724)


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Code: qual005 Name: Fabricated Structural Steel Item 2009 Spec. Ref.: 724


Field Acceptance Method: 5002

ALL TYPES (P/S m00388) AFCO Steel (Little Rock, AR) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00389) AFCO Steel (Van Buren, AR) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00390) Trinity Industries Inc (Houston, TX) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00391) Trinity Industries Inc (Dallas, TX) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00392) DeLong's Inc (Jefferson City, MO) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00393) North Texas Steel Co (Fort Worth, TX) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00394) Pittsburg Des Moines Corp (Des Moines, IA) 5/23/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00620) Hodge Fabrication, Inc. (N. Little Rock, AR) 3/29/2005
ALL TYPES (P/S m00761) DeLong's Inc (Sedalia, MO) 8/6/2008
ALL TYPES (P/S m00847) W & W Steel (OKC, OK) 7/6/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m00881) Scougal Rubber (McCarran, NV) 1/18/2012
ALL TYPES (P/S m00910) Prospect Steel Company (Little Rock, AR) 2/14/2011
ALL TYPES (P/S m00912) Capital Contractors, Inc. (Lincoln, NE) 2/23/2011
ALL TYPES (P/S m00945) Stinger Welding, Inc. (Coolidge, AZ) 1/4/2012
ALL TYPES (P/S m01069) Hirschfeld Industries (San Angelo, TX) 4/8/2015
ALL TYPES (P/S m01189) Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Columbia City, IN) 10/1/2019
ALL TYPES (P/S m01241) Missouri Fabricators (Fulton, MO) 1/6/2021
BEARING ASSYS (P/S m00880) D.S. Brown Company (Athens, TX) 11/14/2011
BEARING ASSYS (P/S m00882) Dynamic Rubber (Athens, TX) 8/20/2009
BEARING ASSYS (P/S m00913) Cosmec, Inc. (Athens, TX) 2/23/2011
BEARING PADS (P/S m00356) Tulsa Rubber Co (Tulsa, OK) 3/29/2013

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