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HC Concrete Epoxy Systems (701.13)


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HIT-RE 100 Hilti, Inc. 10/6/2016
HIT-RE 500 Hilti, Inc. 7/2/2014
HIT-RE 500 V3 Hilti, Inc. 10/6/2016
PROANCHOR ELITE Dayton Superior (Miamisburg, OH) 10/9/2019
PURE50+ DEWALT/Powers Fasteners 10/6/2016
RED HEAD A7+ ITW Commerical Construction (Glenview, IL) 5/15/2017
RED HEAD C6+ ITW Commerical Construction (Glenview, IL) 2/28/2018
SET-3G Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. (McKinney, TX) 7/27/2022
SET-HP Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. (McKinney, TX) 7/27/2022
SET-XP Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. (McKinney, TX) 7/27/2022
SIKADUR 31 HI-MOD GEL Sika Corporation 7/23/2015
SIKADUR ANCHORFIX-3001 Sika Corporation 5/10/2017
SIKADUR ANCHORFIX-500 Sika Corporation 10/12/2016
SPECPOXY 3000FS SpecChem, LLC 9/12/2019
SURE ANCHOR I J51 Dayton Superior (Miamisburg, OH) 6/27/2019
SUREPOXY 117 Kaufman Products, Inc. (Baltimore, MD) 1/27/2022
SURESET EPOXY PE-21 Aerosmith Fastening Systems (Indianapolis, IN) 9/28/2021
ULTRABOND 1 Adhesives Technology Corp. 7/18/2014
ULTRABOND 365CC Adhesives Technology Corp. 10/30/2015
ULTRABOND EPX-3CC Adhesives Technology Corp. 5/29/2020
ULTRABOND HS-1CC Adhesives Technology Corp. 11/28/2018
ULTRABOND HS200 Adhesives Technology Corp. 4/23/2012
ULTRABOND HYB-2CC Adhesives Technology Corp. 8/2/2022
UNITEX PRO-POXY 300 FAST Dayton Superior (Miamisburg, OH) 10/24/2012


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