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Hydraulic Cements (701.02)


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Code: qual002 Name: Hydraulic Cement 2009 Spec. Ref.: 701.02


Field Acceptance Method: 5001

Type GU (P/S m00007) Holcim US Inc. (Ada, OK) 5/16/2003
Type GU (P/S m00009) Central Plains Cement Company (Tulsa, OK) 5/11/2017
Type I (P/S m00002) Ash Grove Cement Company (Chanute, KS) 2/4/2003
Type I (P/S m00004) GCC Permian (Odessa, TX) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00006) Holcim (Clarksville, MO) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00007) Holcim US Inc. (Ada, OK) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00008) Holcim US Inc. (Midlothian, TX) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00009) Central Plains Cement Company (Tulsa, OK) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00010) Central Plains Cement Company (Sugar Creek, MO) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00011) Holcim US Inc. (Fredonia, KS) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00012) Buzzi Unicem USA Inc (Pryor, OK) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00013) Buzzi Unicem USA Inc (Maryneal, TX) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00014) Buzzi Unicem USA Inc (Cape Girardeau, MO) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00015) Monarch Cement Company (Humbolt, KS) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00016) Ash Grove (Midlothian, TX) 5/16/2003
Type I (P/S m00763) Holcim Portland Plant (Florence, CO) 9/4/2008
Type I (P/S m00774) GCC of America (Pueblo, CO) 12/3/2008
Type I (P/S m00793) Cemex (Lyons, CO) 6/24/2009
Type I (P/S m00861) Holcim US Inc. (Ste Genevieve, MO) 4/30/2010
Type I (P/S m01035) Texas Lehigh Cement Co. (Buda, TX) 5/21/2018
Type I (P/S m01186) Martin Marietta (Midlothian, TX) 10/1/2019

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