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Construction Fabrics (712)


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Code: fabr001 Name: Fabric Reinf for Asphalt Concrete Pvmt 2009 Spec. Ref.: 712.01


Field Acceptance Method: 5001

3D8NW (Type II) DDD Erosion Control, Inc. 5/17/2011
ADS 4598 (Type II) Advanced Drainage Systems 6/12/2013
AOM FABRIC (Type II) Thrace-Linq 6/10/2009
FX-42A/O (Type II) Carthage Mills 12/27/2005
GC140 (Type II) SKAPS Industries 5/28/2010
GLASPAVE25 (Type I) Tensar Corporation (Mission, KS) 1/6/2016
GN80 (Type II) Geostar Technologies, LLC 10/25/2012
GP42 (Type II) Geostar Technologies, LLC 10/25/2012
GT-180 (Type II) SKAPS Industries 8/17/2010
LM 800 NT (Type II) L & M Supply Co., Inc. 10/12/2016
MIRAFI MIRAPAVE 500 (Type II) TenCate Geosynthetics (Pendergrass, GA) 12/6/2004
PETROMAT 4598 (Type II) Propex Operating Co., LLC 6/10/2004
PETROMAT ENVIRO (Type II) Propex Operating Co., LLC 1/4/2022
TERRATEX OL-I (Type II) Hanes Geo Components 8/12/2010
US 100P (Type II) US Fabrics, Inc. 3/17/2006
W300 (Type II) Shandong Leihua Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd 2/7/2018
WINFAB 400NP (Type II) Willacoochee Industrial Fabrics 1/6/2016


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