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Elec Wire/Cable, Bldg/Hwy Light (738.02)




Code: elec005 Name: Elect Wire/Cable, Building/Highway Light 2009 Spec. Ref.: 738.02


Field Acceptance Method: 5011

AIW American Insulated Wire Corp. 10/6/2006
CERRO WIRE Cerro Wire Inc. 1/18/2008
E105668 Service Wire Co. 7/14/2006
E116364 Conductores IUSA S A DE C V 7/18/2006
E123774 Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, TX) 8/15/2006
E14656 Southwire Co. 2/27/2006
E156879 Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, TX) 10/6/2006
E177544 Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, TX) 8/15/2006
E194031 United Copper Industries 1/29/2007
E218985B Advanced Digital Cable, Inc. 6/14/2013
E23919 Southwire Co. 10/12/2006
E30117 Southwire Co. 4/3/2006
E307673 Republic Wire, Inc. 8/27/2013
E51583 Southwire Co. 10/6/2006
E53446 Southwire Co. 10/6/2006
E66636 Alan Wire Co. 8/7/2006
E83039 Alan Wire Co. 7/22/2009
G.C.C. General Cable Corp. 5/4/2006
PA TAMAQUA Draka Cableteq USA 8/7/2013
SOUTHWIRE AL (Aerial) Southwire Co. 6/6/2008
THHN/MTW/THWN-2/T90 Encore Wire Corporation (McKinney, TX) 8/1/2022

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