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APL Category
Drainage Conduits (726)


ALL TYPES (P/S m01254) Lane Enterprises, Inc. (Shippensburg, PA) 3/16/2021
ALL TYPES (P/S m01255) Lane Enterprises, Inc. (Temple, TX) 3/16/2021



Code: qual008 Name: Reinforced Concrete Pipe 2009 Spec. Ref.: 726.01


Field Acceptance Method: 5002

ALL TYPES (P/S m00031) Chandler Materials (Tulsa, OK) 5/27/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00039) GNC Concrete Products Inc (Tulsa, OK) 5/27/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00043) Forterra Building Products (Oklahoma City, OK) 5/27/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00339) Nance Precast (Piedmont, OK) 3/1/2007
ALL TYPES (P/S m00346) Rinker Materials (Oklahoma City, OK) 5/27/2003
ALL TYPES (P/S m00584) J & G Concrete Products (Waxahachie, TX) 5/28/2004
ALL TYPES (P/S m00585) Forterra Building Products (Fort Smith, AR) 5/28/2004
ALL TYPES (P/S m00627) Forterra Buidling Products (Little Rock, AR) 6/17/2005
ALL TYPES (P/S m00675) Scurlock Industries (Miami, OK) 8/2/2006
ALL TYPES (P/S m00753) McPherson Concrete Products, Inc (McPherson, KS) 7/10/2007
ALL TYPES (P/S m00773) Wichita Concrete Pipe Co. (Wichita, KS) 9/23/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m00856) Johnson County Pipe, Inc. (Alvarado, TX) 4/16/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m00863) Rinker Materials (Roanoke, TX) 11/19/2008
ALL TYPES (P/S m00864) Forterra Building Products (Grand Prairie, TX) 5/21/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m00865) Forterra Buidling Products (Cedar Hill, TX) 5/21/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m00892) Scurlock Industries (Fayetteville, AR) 9/2/2010
ALL TYPES (P/S m01150) Scurlock Industries (Springfield, MO) 10/17/2018


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