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Bituminous Materials (708)


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Code: qual009 Name: Asphalt Cement 2009 Spec. Ref.: 708.03


Field Acceptance Method: FAST

PG 58-28 (P/S m00352) Valero (Ardmore, OK) 4/29/2018
PG 58-28 (P/S m00354) Trumbull Asphalt (Oklahoma City, OK) 10/27/2015
PG 58-28 (P/S m00850) Asphalt & Fuel Supply (Catoosa, OK) 1/15/2020
PG 58-28 (P/S m00964) Valero (Halstead, KS) 5/15/2018
PG 58-28 (P/S m01028) HollyFrontier (Catoosa, OK) 5/4/2015
PG 58-28 (P/S m01042) Coastal Energy (Clinton, OK) 3/18/2020
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00305) Coastal Energy (Miller, MO) 3/19/2014
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00311) Valero Mckee (Sunray, TX) 10/7/2003
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00322) Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions (Dodge City, KS) 5/29/2009
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00333) Lion Oil Co. (El Dorado, AR) 5/19/2006
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00352) Valero (Ardmore, OK) 10/7/2003
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00354) Trumbull Asphalt (Oklahoma City, OK) 1/1/2005
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00357) Coffeyville Resources Refining (Wynnewood, OK) 10/7/2003
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00511) Lion Oil Co. (Muskogee, OK) 1/1/2010
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00512) Valero (Arkansas City, KS) 3/3/2005
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00751) Asphalt & Fuel Supply (Wright) (Tulsa, OK) 12/5/2020
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00771) Asphalt Sales & Transportation (Tulsa, OK) 11/12/2015
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00783) Asphalt Terminals and Transp LLC (Muskogee, OK) 4/13/2009
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00834) Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions (Saginaw, TX) 9/10/2018
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00850) Asphalt & Fuel Supply (Catoosa, OK) 3/22/2010
PG 64-22 OK (P/S m00964) Valero (Halstead, KS) 5/14/2014

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