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Asphalt Release Agents (411.03)




Code: rele001 Name: Asphalt Release Agent 2009 Spec. Ref.: 411.03(D)


Field Acceptance Method: NONE

#4002 BED RELEASE AGENT Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants (St. Louis, MO) 12/12/2003
#4009 SUPER SLICK Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants (St. Louis, MO) 10/13/2005
AFR Wilson Supply Co. (Dallas, GA) 5/21/2002
ALDEROX ASA-12 North American Systems, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT) 5/19/2004
AQUA SLICK-KOTE Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC (Tulsa, OK) 10/9/2002
AR-92 Emulso Corporation (Buffalo, NY) 5/21/2002
ASPHALT RELEASE AGENT 22-133A The Bullen Companies (Folcroft, PA) 5/21/2002
ASPHALT RELEASE AGENT GS Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC (Tulsa, OK) 5/14/2010
ASPHALT RELEASE AGENT PR Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC (Tulsa, OK) 3/2/2012
AVALANCHE Meyer (Blue Springs, MO) 3/10/2014
BEAN-E-DOO Franmar Chemical Inc (Normal, IL) 7/26/2002
BIO CLEAN Bio-Clean Industries (Aurora, CO) 5/21/2002
BIO-SLIP Asphalt Control Systems (OKC, OK) 5/21/2002
BLACK MAGIC 13 ChemMark Corp. (Aurora, CO) 5/21/2002
BLACK MAGIC FOR RUBBER ChemMark Corp. (Aurora, CO) 5/21/2002
BMF ASPHALT RELEASE AGENT Zep Sales and Service (Atlanta, GA) 9/23/2013
BR 549 Montgomery Manufacturing Co. (Fort Worth, TX) 8/26/2009
BUCKEYE SHOP MASTER Buckeye International (Tulsa, OK) 5/21/2002
BV-SLIDE Blue Valley Chemical LLC 2/7/2011
CESCO AR-400T CESCO Solutions, Inc. (Baytown, TX) 8/26/2009
CHEMSTATION 1475 ChemStation International, Inc. 5/21/2002

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