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Contact: Ron F. Curb, P.E., ITS Research Engineer
Phone (405) 522-3795   E-Mail: ITS/CVO

  In September of 2001, ODOT contracted the services of the consulting firms, PB Farradyne, Inc. (Prime), Parker*Young, Traffic Engineering Consultants (TEC), the University of Oklahoma and Westcliffe Technologies to coordinate and develop several documents to establish a baseline for Oklahoma's Statewide and Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plans and Architectures, including Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) documents.

  In July, 2004 these initial documents were completed and are now available for viewing, printing and electronic copying.

  Please note that all ITS / CVISN Plans and Architectures are 'living documents' and are subject to possible revisions and updates at any time.  A link to the ITS site has been established on the ODOT Public Information page.

  The documents are posted at :

  Assistance is requested from all existing ITS / CVISN stakeholders for notification to potential ITS / CVISN stakeholders of this new ODOT link.  

  Updates and revisions will be listed as they become published.  When revised, the date will be placed next to the respective item and changed as necesssary.  The document links are in portable document format (.pdf).  Temporary ftp transfer sites, zipped files and CDs are available upon special request and approval.

ITS / CVO Publications (initial / baseline documents)
CVISN Program Plan
CVISN Top Level Design
CVISN Oklahoma Commercial Vehicle Information Systems Self-Evaluation
OCARTS ITS Implementation Plan
OCARTS ITS Architecture (Compliments of ACOG)
Tulsa Regional ITS Implementation Plan
Tulsa Regional ITS Architecture
Statewide ITS Strategic Plan
Statewide ITS Architecture
Statewide ITS Implementation Plan

We wish to thank all of the stakeholders which were very instrumental in the ITS / CVISN planning and development processes:

• To the U.S. Congress, U.S.DOT, FMCSA, FHWA in providing funding and guidance for Oklahoma's ITS / CVISN Programs.

• Thanks are directed to those involved with the state legislative process in passing the Quick Clearance Law as well as the transfer of some critical 'One Stop Shop' CVO functions and personnel from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC).

• To the Oklahoma Trucking Association (OTA) and the Oklahoma Traffic Engineering Association (OTEA) for their important perspectives and insights towards the fair use of ITS for all.

• A special thanks to the Traffic Engineering Division for recognizing and researching the traffic safety benefits of ITS and for deploying some of the first freeway management technologies.

• A special commendation goes to the GIS Branch of the Planning and Research Division for the expertise and coordination of the Automated Mapping Product System (AMPS) contract.

• Specific recognition goes to the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) and their internal resources for the development of the OCARTS ITS Architecture.

• Both the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) and ACOG have developed Incident Management Plans using ITS Service Plan Funds.

• The Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) has been creative in their use of ITS Service Plan funds for transit operations.

• The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA) was an early signer of the first statewide ITS MOU and has been very cooperative towards the ITS efforts.

• The Department of Public Safety (DPS), especially the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) and Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO), has been very involved in both ITS and CVISN and continue to closely partner with ODOT in using ITS / CVISN concepts, technology and operations to improve safety for the traveling public.

• The OTC and the OCC have been very cooperative in the CVISN Level I Deployment Program.

• The Oklahoma Transportation Authority played a very important role in telecommunications planning for both free and toll road ITS by using creative and strategic negotiations in numerous public / private fiber optic cable, equipment and conduit network agreements.

  The responsibility for ITS Statewide Strategic Plans and Architectures has been led by ODOT's Planning & Research Division in cooperation with all statewide ITS stakeholders.

  The responsibility for Statewide Project Level / Project Specific Architectures and ITS Standards, Systems Analysis and Design of Statewide ITS, ITS Design / Implementation / Deployment of ITS equipment on the roadside of the state highway system has been led by ODOT's Traffic Engineering Division in cooperation with all statewide ITS stakeholders.

  Regional ITS Planning and Implementation coordination has been performed by the respective MPOs and major city members.

  Continuous input from all stakeholders is very important to us.  We encourage progressive (positive and negative) feedback from ITS operations and use.  This information will facilitate more timely and complete updates to all ITS Plans and Architectures.

Thanks for the continued cooperation of all ITS stakeholders and users.

Ron F. Curb, P.E., ITS Research Engineer

Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Planning and Research Division
200 N.E. 21st Street, Rm. 3A7
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-3204

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