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Attached is a list of projects that the counties have sent to ODOT for inclusion on our website per state law SB 2173. SB 2173 requires that the counties provide notification to ODOT 21 days prior to opening bids of any projects that are to be let to contract. ODOT only provides the website platform location for the advertisement, we are not the point of contact for the respective project(s). For further information contact the individual county who has submitted the advertisement.

Projects are by date received, county names and project name (if available) and then posted in the calendar year they are received.

Example: A project received January 5, 2011 from Kay County for Bid Number 123456, Bid Opening Date February 6, 2011

All file names start with cp_ which identifies it as a County Project, followed would be the date received in year(4 digits)-month(2 digits)-day(2 digits, if the day is applicable).
I.e. cp_2011-01-05

This will be followed by the county name, county bid number and the bid opening date if known and/or the project name/description.
I.e. cp_2011-01-05_Kay_BidNumber_123456-BidDate_2-6-2011.pdf


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