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The Outreach program "Transportation Assistance Program" is designed to eliminate barriers in the transportation industry and encourage partnerships with educational institutions and transportation-related entities across Oklahoma. Individuals from under-represented groups, educational institutions, and the department will benefit from these programs. The program will create awareness of transportation careers and partner to provide opportunities to assist those individuals pursuing those careers. The outreach portion of this plan is based upon a long range goal designed to increase individuals' interest in construction careers and ultimately increase the diversity of the applicant pool. This program will consist of the Contract Compliance Office developing and implementing the program. The Compliance Office will work with Career Technology and Workforce Centers throughout Oklahoma. The Compliance Office will partner with minority and female organizations to locate participants for the programs.

ODOT will provide weekly certification training opportunities throughout the year to help make individuals more employable. Training will be offered and funded for minority and female participants seeking employment in the construction trade industry. This training will be offered for one week at multiple locations throughout Oklahoma. The series of 4 modules is designed to prepare individuals in entry level training for Labor, Trades and Crafts for persons interested in obtaining work in highway construction industry. The training does not require any prior construction experience and is intended to provide an overview of transportation construction work and prepare the student for entry level work in transportation construction projects.

TAP - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

TAP - Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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